Home Care is Assistance
provided with the goal of promoting an individual’s sense of normalcy and wellbeing in the comfort of his or her own home.

A chief function of home health care services is Daily Living Assistance, which encompasses both Personal Care Assistance (including help with bathing, dressing, medications and exercise) and Homemaking (for instance, help with meal preparation, light cleaning and laundry) Other aspects of care include the delivery of Companionship, Appointment Escorting & Emotional Support, RN Supervision & Respite Care, Hourly or 24-Hour Live-In Care.

Deciding which healthcare option is right for you can often be a difficult task. Care provided in the home setting presents the advantage of greater comfort and independence, which may foster a loved one's sense of welfare. Moreover, home care may also alleviate stress for both the caretaker and his/her loved one, another important benefit. It may be a helpful solution for:

  • Elderly individuals who need daily living assistance but prefer to remain in the privacy of their homes
  • Individuals recently discharged from a hospital or recuperating from an illness or accident, who need assistance with personal care or household tasks
  • Chronically ill or disabled indviduals in need of supervision, emotional support or nursing care
  • Families in need of relief from the responsibilities of caring for a physically or developmentally disabled child or adult
  • Respite care to ease the responsibilities of the primary caregiver